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What are Pat the Dog Games?

First I will tell you that the main character from this new funny show is Pat, an intelligent dog who loves mechanics. He is very good with inventions, and he always builds all kinds of devices. He often uses them to save his best friend, Lola, a cute girl who always gets in trouble. Together, the dog and the girl have many adventures and always have fun.

They are a great team, and nothing can separate them. An exciting villain in the show is a boy named Victor, who is Lola`sLola'sLneighLola'sheys have conflicts, and Victor tries to do bad things, but Pat and Lola are always there to stop him. Even though they have difficulties finding a plan sometimes, eventually, they will find a solution to stop the villain. Lola is always happy and ready for a new quest in the city, but he often forgets about the dangerous things in the neighborhood, so she gets into trouble. Luckily for her, Pat is there to save her all the time. They are best friends, and they do everything together, so don't hesitate to play all these Pat the Dog Games.