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What are Pat the Dog Games?

Pat the Dog Games is a great category that I am sure is going to attract your attention because it has interesting character and it is new. This new category inspired from a Teletoon animated television series has appeared in exclusivity here on our site because we like to be always the first site when new games appear online. Let us know if you appreciate our work or give us a like, this would help us very much and we will work harder to surprise you every week with new categories here on the best games site in the country. In Pat the Dog Games category we have a lot of challenges for you so you will not get bored not even for a second. In this Pat the Dog Games category you are going to have games for girls and boys. We are going to present you the plot of the series and then we will tell you what kind of games you can find here in Pat the Dog Games category. You are going you obtain a lot of challenges and maybe you can reach the top but we will see about that later. In the first place I am going to tell you that the main character from this new funny show is Pat, a smart dog who loves mechanics. He is very good with inventions and he always build all kind of devices. He often uses them to save his best friend, Lola, a cute girl who always get in trouble. Together the dog and the girl have a lot of adventures together and they always have fun. They are a great team and nothing can separate them. There is an interesting villain in the show, a boy named Victor who is Lola`s neighbor. They always have conflicts and Victor try to do bad things but Pat and Lola are there to stop him all the time. Even though they have difficulties to find a plan sometimes, eventually they will find a solution to stop the villain. Lola is happy all the time and ready for a new quest in the city but he often forgets about the dangerous things from the neighborhood so she gets into trouble. Luckily for her, Pat is there to save her all the time. They are best friends and they do everything together. I am sure you will love this interesting and exciting series from TEletoon and you can not wait to watch it. It will appear this year so stay tuned. In the Pat the Dog Games category you will get in the first place some ability games that are going to test your agility, observation spirit, attention and so on. In the first place you need the mouse to complete your tasks. You have to solve a puzzle in Pat the Dog Games category and you have to find some pairs. In the memory game are 12 cards so you have to find six pairs. It looks simple at first sight but you do not have to hurry to judge the game at least until you have not finished it. In the game you will get points for the time, like in the second game where you will get points according to how fast you solve a puzzle. Also there you need the mouse to arrange the pieces from the puzzle. You do not have just one puzzle, you can solve four puzzle with Pat, Lola and other characters from the show. You can express your opinion about this beautiful category appeared in exclusivity here on in a comment. You can tell us there which is your favorite character by know, if you will watch the animated television series on Teletoon, which is your favorite game, if you successfully completed your goal, which was the most difficult challenge in this category and so on many other things. leave us a g plus to help us in promoting this category for all the girls and the boys who want to meet new characters and to play new games. The games are not simple so sometimes you need a little training to become better and better so do not give up if you can not accomplish your goal from the first attempt, I am sure you can make it if you are persistent.