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What are Shopkins Shoppies Games?

Welcome dear friend, we are happy to see you again on our website, hope that you will have a great time playing our new games. Today we will talk about a new and amazing category which we will be happy to add for you to play mare game in it. The category is named SHOPKINS SHOPPIES and in this category you will meet new and amazing games, games in special for children. We try to add every day games for you to play them and to have fun. In this category you will have many games to play and this games are added by us because this game are educative and our website, try to add categories and games which can teach you something good such as cooking, drawing, moving faster, thinking quickly and more things like those and because we are always searching for new games to offer for you and we are sure that you will take a fun and amazing time while you will play this games which are in this category and in the same time you will enjoy your time with us, an important think for us because we like to see someone, in special children when are happy and because our games makes you happy, we are happy to. If you are ready to know and to spent your time with the characters which are in this category you have to rise your hand and to read forward because in this rows we will present you this category and we will present you the characters which are very friendly and happy to meet you so join us during this rows! This category is destinated to you and in this category you will meet some amazing girls. Firstly, in this category you will play just 27 different games but all the games will be with SHOPKINS SHOPPIES girls but we promise to you that we will add more games in this category when them will appear. And now we are ready to present you the games and the characters and let's begin. In this category you will be able to play with Shopkins which are a rage of tiny toys which are created and manufactured by Moose Toys. In the real life this Shopkins are plastic figures which have a cute face and a unique name and once you have them you will love them because they are very tiny and very cute. In this 27 game you will be able to meet them and to make a pinion about them. The SHOPKINS SHOPPIES girls look like some cookies and what is really funny and cute in the same time is that their names are based on true candies or sweets so this thing make them special for us and for you too. And one thing which amuse us is that they look the same but different in the same time, but what is obvious is that they look like the sweets. Their hair looks very smooth and some of them have curly hair and some of them straight hair, but obviously the hair color is different at each other because if they would have the same color at the hair you will mess them up. They are very tiny and slim girls and what makes the very beautiful is their eyes because their eyes are very big and if you look at them very careful you will see that their eyes are shining. Most of them have the same color in the eyes and in the hair. Another great thing is that all of them have tiny and beautiful dresses and a little apron over the dresses. This girls have a little face and a little mouth and nose. Their lips are always shining because they have makeup and the eyes are makeup. But you will be able to know them better when you will see them and when you will play with them. If you have not known yet, you can know them better by watching the cartoons and if you are young enough, you can learn their book called Welcome to Shoppville which is a good book for you. As you can see by the category's title and by the book's title, this girls are salesgirls and this is why they have their apron over their dresses. All of them have our shopping stand where they are selling fruits or cookies or vegetables or something else. What is probably during the games is that you will help them to sell their things and stuffs like this, and this games will teach you how to be a good seller. A new thing that we let you to know is that you can find this amazing and beautiful characters in the market too, they look like in the games and in the cartoons but you can find them in different ways, you can find them like tolls or printed on different things like rests, crayons, markers, bags, books, notebooks and on more things like those. Now we will let you to know them so scroll the mouse and choose a game and have fun playing with them because they are waiting for you and they will be glad to meet you and to create a new friendship with you. After you play the games you can rate them from 1 to 5 and we hope that you will rate them with the highest number. Good luck and have fun!