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What are Special Agent Oso Games ?

Special Agent Oso is a great teddy bear, who helps children in their tasks during the day or even the night and he has been doing this all his life. In this special category of games, you will meet only interesting and the most important, interactive games for you, with the great Agent Oso and in the following period of time, you are going to find out some new things about him, which you probably didn't know. First of all, no one really kows his real age, so you will be the first one among your friends who find out that this special agent Oso is 21-year-old and his main task is to save kids, by helping them accomplishing successfully each task they've received. This animation is so great because it promotes helping each other, especially kids and of course, it offers so many pieces of advice, so necessary for any kid in the world, for simplifying daily tasks and requirements. Every single episode from his TV animated series, starts the same, with our bear hero, in the middle of some exercises that are meant to keep him in shape. He is always interrupted because a case, where a kid does need his help so Oso simply doesn't stay and think, but act as fast as it is possible. Maybe you wonder how is he able to find out about the trouble the kids are involved in so let's find out! His special drone, who notices absolutely everything especially when something wrong happens to a kid, named simply Shutterbug, gives semnals to the boss of Oso, who is Mr. Dos! Mr. Dos is a special character, because he always sends Oso so many things to do and tasks to solve, but he is probably the only character who has never been seen by anyone, so that's pretty myterious but his voice hears so clear. Also, Paw Pilot belongs to Oso and it is actually a kind of computer, that allow Oso to know all the time where something wrong is happening and when! It is Oso's computerized assistant who guides Oso through the three special steps he needs to accomplish his current mission. Maybe you are wondering what actually are the three special steps Oso needs to accomplish for his current mission so those steps are some kind of stages, offered by Paw Piot to Oso, which may simplify his final mission, which is saving all the kids. I guess your interest is pretty high right now so in this special category of games, there will be only this kind of adventures, with Oso trying to assist you why completing his challenge so let's get to the work right now and try to do not make any mistake. There is such a wide range and a variety of games from which you can select from so you can only choose your favourite games to play. Another secondary characters that appear in this TV animated series is Special Agent Wolfie, Special Agent Dotty, Professor Buffo, Whirly Bird, and Special Agent Musa. All of them are working for an organization, named U.N.I.Q.U.E, The United Network for the Investigation of Quite Usual Events and they are trying to help kids all the time. If you wonder about their ages, here they are: Mr Dos is 38-year-old and he is the boss because he is the oldest, Special Agent Wolfie is 30-year-old and a great help for Oso and Agent Dotty is 25-year-old, the closest age to Oso's. Oso's name comes from Spanish, where oso means bear so everything makes sense right now! Join Oso and his super heroes friends in this special worlds of Special Agents interacting with kids and have so much fun trying any adventure proposed by them, only for you!