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What are The Owl House Games?

We know how much children love to play and imagine themselves inside magic places, so today dear kids you will see that we are bringing for you a very special and very interesting new online games category and a Disney story filled with magic.

The new story that we are going to present for you today is the Owl House series, which will have Luz as the main character, and she is going to come back here on our website with a very special set of games that you can play with all of your friends and learn cool things about magic, potions, spells and different types of monsters, zombies, werewolves, witches, wizards and magicians that will all be present inside the Owl House games category that we are going to publish right here on our website.

The Owl House story is an American animated story, a very fun fantasy cartoon made by Disney and which can be watched on Disney Channel, where one episode a week is published, and which you can watch over and over, because it's starting to be very popular, so Disney Channel wants all the children to be up to date with each and every one of Luz's adventures and mischiefs inside the Owl House.

Luz in the magic land

You dear kids can see that the Disney show is going to start very normal, with a normal teenage girl that wants to go camping for the summer vacation, and she is so excited that she is going to go to the Reality Check Camp that she went faster than her friends, and she found by mistake a portal that sends her into a magic land, where witches, warlocks, werewolves, zombies, demons and monsters are the default humans, and Luz is going to be amazed of the things that she is going to see.

Luz is the name of the teenage girl that wants to go camping but ends up in a parallel universe filled with magic. She is going to end up in Boiling Isles, where she needs to act as normal as possible because she doesn't know it yet, but dear kids humans are seen as enemies in the magic land, so she needs to hide and keep a low key. The city of Boiling Isles is a dead Titan, where one of the most powerful witches lives with her demon warrior.

This scenario is perfect for Luz, because the Disney character always wanted to become a witch and make spells here and there, and today she is about to have her dream come true, but you will see that it's not as easy as she thinks because dear children you will have to make sure that in the shortest time, you and Luz can get to the Owl House where you will meet with the witch that will become Luz' magic teacher.

Luz is going to live at the Owl House with Eda, the teacher, and her demon, King. Eda is known as the Owl Lady, and so her house is named the Owl House, which gave name to the entire story, because most of the action will be with Luz, Eda, and King inside the house, due to the fact that nobody in Boiling Isles has to know that a human being is in their realm.

You will have a great time playing all of our the Owl House games, because Luz, Eda, and King will prepare for you interesting adventure games inside the Owl House, fun spelling games, cooking potions and even spelling spell with Eda, one of the most powerful witches in the world, so you got to stay close and try to find all of our the Owl House games for kids.

Inside the Owl House

Once Luz got to the Owl House, she fell in love with magic even more than before, because once she got to know Eda, she saw what kind of a witch she can become, and you will be step by step with Luz while she trains and studies to become a real witch with Eda in the Owl House. This Disney story is going to be very fun for girls and boys as well, so make sure that you look for our games because we have a lot of surprises coming up for you kids.

Eda is a very powerful witch, but dear kids you will see that she is not well seen in the Boiling Isles, because she does not want to be a part of any witch group and she got caught while she was selling illegal and forbidden human objects inside the magic realm, so now she is cast in the Owl House, and she is always questioned about her doings.

Eda is going to teach Luz all kinds of magic secrets, but Luz has to go to school to become an official witch, which you will see that it's going to be very difficult for Luz, because she is an ordinary human being, and most of the students at the Hexside Academy where Luz is going to study magic are sons and daughters of witches or wizards, and they have a natural talent and Luz does not have it, so she is going to have to work extra hard and try to overpass all the difficulties between species.

Luz is the only human in the magic world, and it's going to be a real secret because humans are not welcomed in this world. Eda told Luz to keep the secret, and she is constantly sending King to the academy to keep an eye on Luz and keep her out of trouble, which will be very difficult, because let's not forget that Luz is a teenage girl that is very curious, and the academy will be also filled with other teenage girls and teenage boys that just want to have fun and get into trouble.

Luz and King have a lot of adventures in the Owl House and at school, where Eda is working them extra hard so that Luz can become a very powerful witch just as she wants, so she will not pull back from homework and extra work beside all the school activities.

Luz with demons and witches

It's time for your kids to know much more about the Disney characters from this fun the Owl House story. We have prepared small little sumps of each of the main characters inside the Owl House starting with Luz, Eda and King, which you will see in most of the Owl House games that we are going to start and post for you day by day.

Luz - as you know her is the main character, and her name is Luz Noceda. She is a 14-year-old girl from the Dominican Republic who was born and raised in America. Luz loved magic even before she got to the Owl House, so this new adventure in her life is a blessing for the teenage girl. You can be step by step besides Luz in her magic journey, where she is going to learn new spells and magic potions that she might use once she will become a real witch.

Eda - the witch that takes Luz to the Owl House, where she lives with her demon warrior King. Eda is known as the Owl Lady, due to a curse that she got when she was very young that made her transform into an owl monster, but she can keep a human or a witch form by drinking a special potion every day for her entire life. Eda looks like a witch monster, and you will see that she will have long ears, fangs and grey hair, and witch outfits that will make her very unique in the Owl House story.

King - is one of the few demon warriors in Boiling Isles, and he is living with Eda inside the Owl House. He is ready to interview every time when Luz is in deep trouble and she cannot get out by herself as Eda instructed, and you will see how King will always be present when things go sideways.