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What are TinkerBell Games?

Girls from all over the world have loved to play fairy games online ever since the inception of online games for browsers, and while there are so many of these games out there, if you are on our website, you are looking for the best of them, and we have you covered! While playing with random fairies can be fun, it tends to be even better when you play with faires from stories that you love a whole lot, just like Disney’s Tinkerbell, a fairy whose origins come from the fairytale of Peter Pan, which had been adapted into a successful animated movie by Walt Disney Pictures, and her character stuck out so much that she became the unofficial mascot of Disney, along with Mickey, of course.

Well, for the millions of fans this fairy has worldwide, Play-Games is delighted to have made for you an incredible and vast category of Tinkerbell Games online, where we have gathered the best games based on the character, all in one place, and all free-to-play, making this one of our best category of games for girls, one about which we tell you more about, so you can immediately spot the games you want to try out first.
Tinkerbell really cares about how she looks, so of course, you get to be her stylist in the many Tinkerbell dress up games our website has to offer you, where you will dress her up in magical outfits only fairies wear, you might dress her up in clothing that was worn in the past, or bring her to the future by putting some modern clothes on her. You can also take her to the hair salon and give her a new haircut, join her and her fairy friends at the sauna or spa, or use cosmetics to give her the best make-up possible.

In her many adventures, our tiny fairy can get hurt, so play doctor games for girls where you treat her for injuries or health issues or help her take a bath after spending her whole day outside and getting dirty. Tinkerbell has had many adventures over the years, so you can join her in games where she and other fairies become pirates that explore the seas or play some Tinkerbelle Disney Fairies Games, based on the Disney original series of the same name that introduced us to her other fairy friends like Silvermist, Iridessa, Queen Clarion, Rosetta, and many more!
You should also definitely check out any Tinkerbell Pixie Hollow Games based on the television special with the same name that was a huge entry in this series that made the character even more popular than she already was. You can help Tinkerbell kiss her first boyfriend, you can go to school and learn maths, help her get ready for her wedding or deliver her baby, help her decorate her home or garden, and many more, as this category is one of the endless possibilities, and missing out on these amazing games would be a real shame!

Way before the Disney movies to feature her, Tinkerbell made her debut in 1904, in the Peter Pan play that was released that year, and a novelization of it in 1911 called Peter Pan and Wendy. Just like her name suggests, in the original story she worked as a tinker in the world of fairies, as she mended pots and kettles, and she only speaks through the sounds of bells, which only other fairies can understand.
Her personality can move from one extreme to another, because being such a tiny fairy, she can only feel one kind of emotion at a time, and that is turned up to the max, which is why when she is jealous, she is really jealous, and she is helpful and kind, she goes to the extremes for the one she wants to help and be kind to.

She is depicted as a blonde fairy with a green dress in the Disney franchise, does not speak, and expresses herself mostly through her face and her body movements, and when she flies she always leaves fairy dust in her wake. She has been a hit with girls and kids all over the world since the first Disney movie she appeared in, and kids love to meet her whenever they go to Disneyland or other Disney parks.
In 2005 Disney put their trust in this fairy even more after creating a whole new franchise with her in the center, the Disney Fairies franchise, which was set in the fictional Never Land from the original stories, and creating a whole new set of characters to inhabit it, as well as building new stories and places to visit. In this series, the fairies live in the massive Home Tree, which sits at the heart of Pixie Hollow.