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What are Zig and Sharko Games?

Zig and Sharko Games is one of our newest game categories which we are sure you would really enjoy to play with us because we are glad to see that there are still people who enjoy the good games that we offer each day. It is going to be a great challenge for you to come here and start believing in us like no other because all the things from now on would be the greatest things every single time. Never forget that you are totally going to be winning every single quest from this category if you would be happy and glad for us from the beginning. Show us that nothing bad is going to be happening to yourself and the fact that we are sure you could understnad us. It has come the time when we would tell you a lot more about this category so pay really good attention. The series are going to feature two great main characters called Zig and Sharko. We are going to tell you more about the other characters as well, because it is quite important. We are going to start with the main ones. So Zig, he is a brown hyena that everyone kind of likes him, but sometimes he does odd stuff. He lives in the lone volcanic island. With the help of Bernie, a friend of his, he tries to catch marine and eat it or sort of. Marina is the mermaid and the most beautiful creature of all time. Or that is how they think. He often tries to do a lot of different things in order to capture her, but they do not manage. Even though with the different variety of schemes they do not manage. They usually end up injured and with a lot of problems after their attentpts, but we are sure you would really like them. Sharko, our next great character is the shark that you had always wanted to see. He is majestic, big and crazy. He is marina's bodyguard but he also loves her like everything, and that is why is he protecting her from zig and everyone. He, is really trying to show that he loves her and protects her being the most loyal bodyguard ever. He would never let zig touch her, because of the interesting things that he feels for her. Even when zig is really close to marina, he does his best in order to send him away and his sly schemes. The thing that he really enjoys doing, is playing table tennis. He usually plays it with Marina or an octopus. We are going to get now to Marina. She enjoys sitting on a rock near zig's island because she is a mermaid and that is what mermaids do. She is the greatest character of the series and the kindes , and we are saying that because she tries to be good to everyone. Even with zig, who we are sure he intends to eat her all along. She is a special mermaid, probably because she is able to walk on the ground without any problems from the beginning, using some of those mermaid skills. She really likes to sing, even though Sharko hates it. They share the same house and he is overprotective to her all along in there. All the locals know her for the great songs that she composes and that is why all the other characters love her. We are going to go next to our last character and we are talking about Bernie. He is a male hermit crab which enjoys to live with zig. They are actually best friends and he helps zig in order to catch Marina from the start. Sometimes when Marina is being threatened by other creatures than zig, Bernie tries to do the good thing and help her a lot. We are going to be sure that you would enjoy playing all of our games on this category and would not have any difficulty doing so. Good luck.