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What are Zig and Sharko Games?

Play the best Zig and Sharko Games online to help Zig the Jackal and Sharko the Shark overcome the adventures in our online games!

Play Zig and Sharko Games online with your favorite shark and hyena!

Zig is a brown hyena, and Sharko is a great white shark. They go head-to-head in each show episode because they have a common interest: Marina, a red-haired mermaid. Their intentions with her are pretty different. Zig wants to eat her, with these wild animals having quite a reputation for hunger. However, Zig has fallen in love with her, so he will not stop at anything to protect her. It's a battle of land vs. sea, with love thrown in the middle!

Despite their day-to-day interactions, the two are ultimately excellent friends, so when an outsider causes trouble to any of them, you can bet they will have the other one's help, as is the case with Tom and Jerry, whose category we also recommend you check out!

Since the beach where they hang around always has something going around, you are now invited to join their activities as well, such as jumping, stacking up a huge castle and using it to reach space, having a sandcastle battle between the two rivals, surfing, and many others, as you can never know what happens around here.

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