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What are Big City Greens Games?

If you kids are here on our site to have a good time, we have good news for you dear kids because we have prepared for you a list witht he most awesome games ever and because we want you to have a good time, we always have newer and newer games for you because that is the way we make sure you never get bored here on our site and that you always have a lot of fun friends to play with. But new games means new categories which means new stories so come and meet the Big City Greens who are an awesome family, a fun family which are ready to play with you in the Big City Greens games we are going to bring to you so get ready to have an awesome time with the craziest family ever. We say that the Greens are a crazy family becuase their story is funny and they are fun and cute, but they don't fit in at all and that makes them a little big weird for the big city and of course that is why all the big City Greens games are so much fun. But the reason why the Greens family doesn't fit in is because they moved from the country side to the big city and of course that they don't really know how to live in the big city and they are going to learn while making a lot of friends and while having a lot of fun adventures and you kids can be part of all the Big City Greens adventures and that is the greatest thing of all times. If you have seen the Big City Greens cartoons than you know that the family is really odd for the big city and of course that they have amazing stories to tell after each episode so of course that the games will be very interesting and fun too and all you need to do is just check out the Big City Greens games we are preparing for you. The main character of the Big City Greens games and of course cartoons is Cricket Green who is the little boy of the family and he is very optimistic and mischievous like all the other boys his age so he is the one leading his family in crazy adventures and he is the one in all the Big City Greens games that is going to guarantee that you kids are going to have a nice time and make new friends and laugh a lot . But come and meet his family too so when you start the Big City Greens games you know all the characters you are going to play with. Tilly Green is the sister of Cricket, Bill Green is the farmer who is Cricket's and Tilly's uncle and of course the grandma, who is simply called int he stories Gramma Green. So come and check out all the fun games with the Big City Greens family because you will get the chance to meet them all and have the time of your life with them all in the games here on our site. Good luck!