Haywire Harvest

Haywire Harvest

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Haywire Harvest
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Haywire Harvest Overview


Haywire Harvest is the newest addition to the Big City Greens Games category that we have for our website, a category in which new content had not been added in quite a long time, meaning that right now you are in for a brand new experience, one where we see this family that came from the countryside to the big city has to face robot farmers that threaten their livelihood.

Don't let the harvest go haywire with the Big City Greens characters!

The farm bots want to take over the family's territory since they consider their opposition, so in a tower defense style game, you need to defeat them and prevent them from taking over. You want the greens to keep doing what they do best, no?

You have all the family members in a line in the cafe, and with the mouse you drop defenses in front of them on the empty brackets, starting with the wet floor sign, a chicken, and more.

As your water level rises, you can use it to get new defenses and place them, so that they defeat the robots that slowly but surely attack, as Big Tech always does.

Be careful not to lose all the green family, because if that happens, you lose. Each new wave of robots is stronger than the last, so you should also become better at protecting them. Have fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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