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What are Brandy and Mr Whiskers Games?

We are going to tell you the whole story that stands behind these great characters. Get ready and tell us everything that you want to know. So there is this, Brandy. He is a dog from Florida.

He was spoiled all his life and didn't do anything all day because that is how he was raised. We are sure that you would like him. One day, when he flew on a plane, it seemed he had fallen from there on an abandoned island. Well, it appeared abandoned at first. But as soon as he arrived, he met a bunny called Mr whiskers. So he was his only friend over there, even though he did not like him at first. Well, they started living in a treehouse because they would be harmed in the best condition ever. Believe in something you will be doing, and never let us go. They will be on many adventures even though Brandy likes to stay and not do anything all day. We are ready for something great and how you would like to make it.

We hope you will love playing our games with Brandy and Mr Whiskers. Please feel free to vote for each game after you play it.