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What are Captain Underpants Games?

Captain Underpants Games is an interesting category appeared on our site, a category where you will get a lot of challenges. I will present you some games from Captain Underpants Games category and then I will tell you about the plot of the new animated television series, Captain Underpants. In the Captain Underpants Games category you have a lot of ability games, for example puzzle games. There you have to be fast to solve the puzzles as fast as possible if you want a big score. If you can not make it from the first attempt try to solve the puzzles again and again until you are satisfied with your score. You can submit it and you can earn a place on the podium where are only the best of the best. In another ability game you have to search the pairs. There are a lot of cards and you have to turn them 2 at a time to see if they are similar or not. If you complete your goal fast you will get bonus points and you can move on to the next level. If in each level you have a big score you can reach the podium where are only the best of the best. Let us know if you reached the podium in these games with Captain Underpants. In Captain Underpants Games category you will get an exciting game where you save to s ave some people and take them in a safe place. You can fly with the hero from the show, Captain Underpants, and you have to take the people that are in danger and to take them away. It is not simple because you have to work a lot but I am sure you can make it. If you are caught by the dangerous things and villains you will lose a life and if you lose them all the game is over. One game is going to test your creativity because you have to color an image with Captain Underpants. If you are proud of your work you can save the image in your computer or even print it but if you are not satisfied you can restart the game. In this game is important to be persistent so if you can not complete your goal from the first attempt you should always learn from your mistakes. In a game you have to move from one place to another some toilets. The game is very funny and I am sure you will love it. You will be at the bottom with Captain Underpants and from the top the toilets are falling. You have to guide them towards the safe place from the right. If you miss one it will be broken and you will lose a life. If you lose them all you can restart the game. Be more careful this time if you want to complete your goal successfully. In another game you will be with a baby and you have to shoot the hats from the left side of the screen. Try to prove how good are you in these games from Captain Underpants Games category if you wan to impress the other kids who tried. Let us know if you want new challenges with Captain Underpants Games here on our site. You can give us a like if you enjoyed these games appeared in exclusivity here on our site. Leave us a comment to tell us which is your character from the show if you are a fan. In the series you will meet George and Harold. they are in the fourth grade and they are best friends. Mr Krupp, the principal from the school drinks some alien juice and he gains superpowers. George and Harold transform the principal in a super hero from their comics called Captain underpants. The kids love to make pranks and they get into trouble all the time. They hypnotize the principal to make him think that he is a super hero and together they have to solve all kind of problems, to stop villains, to save the city. I am sure you will laugh a lot watching this new animated television series and you will be glad to see that on our site you have also games with Captain Underpants.