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What are Car Games?

Play the best online car games and try to prove to everyone that you are a good driver, managing to pass all the missions you have, regardless of the car you have to drive.
For starters you will need to know that car games in this category belong to several subdivisions:

  • sports cars: here we find the low-size cars, which are built in such a way that they manage to have the best aerodynamic shape, and at the same time manage to reach very high speeds. Most of the time these cars are the piece of endurance in racing cars that all boys play.
  • 4x4 field cars: in this sub-category, you will find a series of field cars, much more robust and slower, but with a large engine torque so that when the wheels of the car get stuck in the mud, they manage to accelerate and to get out of this situation. Field cars have a full-wheel drive and most of the time we meet them on the mountain, on the hills, or even towing other cars, trailers, or objects.
  • parking games: surely every player has tried such a parking game where you have to drive a car through a parking lot in a supermarket or even in the schoolyard, and after following the arrow that directs you to the parking place you will have to park the car exactly between the white lines marked on the route. In case you have an accident or you do not manage to fall in time the game will start again.
  • for children who are passionate about larger vehicles, we have also created the category of bus games where you will be able to drive such buses and at the same time, you will learn the route that a school bus has to take every morning.
One of the biggest problems of the cars is the fact that they fail, you always have to do the engine oil change, the gearbox, especially if it is an automatic gearbox, the transmission, to change the summer tires with the ones in winter or even get to tinnitus in case you had an accident and you have to repair your car and even paint it.

Although we all like to drive cars, we do not all know exactly how to drive a car, although it only has three pedals: brake, acceleration, and clutch; which is why there are driver schools where anyone who wants to become a driver must come and be admitted to such a school. During the hours of driving, you will have to learn both theory and practice, which is why you will have to go with a double order car, through the city with your instructor, and when you think you are ready you will have to take the test final, namely to take a city tour together with a policeman who assists you.

Obviously, it is the policeman who watches to observe all the traffic rules, and when a driver fails to adapt to the driving rules he will be penalized with a fine or even a criminal case.