Mad Andreas Town Mafia Old Friends 2

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What is Mad Andreas Town Mafia Old Friends 2?

Mad Andreas Town Mafia Old Friends 2
Because we want you guys to have a great time always here on our website, you will find today the Mad Andreas Town Mafia Old Friends 2 game for boys. This new adventure game can be found in the GTA games category, and you dear kids will see that this is a new online multiplayer GTA online simulator game.

This is a new online GTA 3D game for boys, in which you will be able to control your avatar from the San Andreas version of the GTA story using the A, S, W, D keys on the keyboard to move around, and the MOUSE to start shooting and fighting against your opponents. The 1, 2 keys will help you to change through your weapons, and the SPACE key is to jump.

You dear kids will see that this is going to be a new online GTA open world simulator game, in which you will have to walk around the city or drive a 3D car around the city in order to find other players and try to take their money for you to gain street credit, and start earning more and more points and money from your new gang.

Because it's a multiplayer game, you dear kids will have to make sure that you can stay clear from the other opponents that will try to defeat you as well. You can see that you can steal 3D cars from the road and start making sure that in the shortest time, you will reach at the end of your adventure with a lot of monety and points.

Drive through the city, trash the cars, have crashes and start fighting with people for no reaseon, because these are the main missions that you can have inside any GTA game online. Have fun!


How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.

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