Downtown 1930s Mafia

Downtown 1930s Mafia

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Downtown 1930s Mafia
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Downtown 1930s Mafia Overview


Want to enter the world of Downtown 1930s Mafia? We are positive you are because this is an amazing action-adventure game in 3d with shooting, fighting, and all-around action and excitement which is clearly inspired by the world of GTA Games but gives it a throwback setting when the mafia was more sophisticated than today.

Go downtown and join the mafia of the 1930s!

The game is an open-world one where you have a huge city from that era, an American one, of course, and you will assume the role of a mafia member, with whom you can go around and do all sorts of things: steal and drive cars, rob banks or stores, kill members from opposing clans, and many times you will be running from the cops, that you can bet on.

Complete missions and quests that you might get, but, most importantly, let chaos ensue and do everything to gain more money and notoriety. You can use the money you have to buy things or change your appearance.

Use WASD to move, F to enter/exit cars or sit, R to repair the car, U, T for car reset, E to crouch. Use the mouse to look around, and when equipped with guns or other weapons, to shoot with them or attack, in case it's a melee weapon.

The world of old mafia awaits you one click away, so we invite you to step into it right now, and see how much fun can be had on our website now, and every time!

How to play?

Use WASD, mouse, F, R, U, T, E.

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