The Power of Love

The Power of Love

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The Power of Love
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The Power of Love Overview


The Power of Love is a powerful game, one that is quite different from most other puzzle-adventure games, platform games, or RPG games, attributes that can be applied to this one too, where you become a knight who wants to conquer his loved ones, a princess kept inside of a castle, and then kidnapped by villains, so you have to work very hard to free her, something we're now going to show you how!

Use The Power of Love to get the princess!

Use the mouse to move the knight, go to the castle, and keep clicking on it to attack it with your sword, as gold coins are dropped to the ground, make sure to go grab them. Go back to your house with the gold, and use it to buy new weapons, such as swords, hammers, bows, and arrows, but also bikes, horses, and the like.

If you want some more energy, buy food like apples, meat, burgers, energy drinks, and the like, even having modern accessories to help you like skateboards or roller skates, which can give you a boost of speed.

Equip your knight with all of them, and the more expensive they get, the stronger they are in their usage, remember that! Can you knock down the tower using all these things and the power of love, the best power? We hope so, so begin right now and work hard at it, while having fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse for moving and for actions.

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