Cats Love Cake

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Cats Love Cake
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What is Cats Love Cake?

Cats Love Cake

Cats Love Cake is going to be one of the best bouncing games online you've played on our website in recent times and is undoubtedly going to go down as a classic since it features cats and cake, two things we know that so many people already love by themselves, so the same is going to be true when paired together, even more so if you can improve your skills at the same time!

Cats Love Cake, so make sure to help them get it!

The cat is bouncing around, and when you hold on to the arrow on the right it bounces toward there, when you hold or click on the arrow on the left, it goes in that direction, bouncing from the ground.

Time your bouncing in such a way that you avoid hitting into spikes, or other traps that might appear, because if that happens, you lose and have to start the stage again from the beginning.

Keep bouncing around until you reach the cake and you make the cat fall on top of it, which is when you win. As you complete levels, you get to unlock other animal avatars to bounce around with.

We obviously wish you the very best, and we hope you are not stopping here today, even more so because there will be a sequel coming up later, and you don't want to miss it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


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