Abby Hatcher Word Train

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What is Abby Hatcher Word Train?

Abby Hatcher Word Train
Abby Hatcher Word Train is one of the cutest little game from Nickelodeon that you can play using your phones or tablets inside the Abby Hatcher games category, and you can see from the title that this is a game with words and alphabets and a train.

It's a very interesting challenge in which you can see that starting from the beginning of the game, Abby Hatcher and the Fuzzlies are going to need your help to create a word train, and you can see that Abby Hatcher and Bozzly are waiting for you in the first level, where the first train has to be created. Each word that you find in front of you will have to be used to create your first Nickelodeon word train.

This is going to be a very fun educational game, in which each and every one of the trains that you create with Abby Hatcher and the Fuzlly characters are going to be made by words which will make complete sentences, so you have to be creative and show the Nickelodeon characters that you can be a good why not student. It's not a big problem if you make mistakes in this new educational challenge, because you can see that Abby Hatcher will let you solve your errors by re-arranging your words, so that your sentences are going to be completed.

Abby Hatcher is going to have different types of trains, blue trains, red trains, long or short trains that are going to wait to be put together with you and all your friends, so you are welcomed with your group of friends and finish this Abby Hatcher Word Train. Once your words are put correctly on the train's wagons, you can see that it will take off the Abby Hatcher word train station and it's gonna unlock new adventures in which you will meet with new Nickelodeon characters such as Teeny Terry, Otis, Bozzly or Curly. Abby Hatcher will not be in a hurry, so you can see that you can think each of your moves through, and place your words on the word train once you are ready, there's no pressure from the Fuzzlyes to be finished fast and wrong.

The Fuzzlyes are not going to be the only characters that Abby Hatcher has prepared trains with, you can see that chef Jerry, one of the humans is going to try to teach you a sentence in this educational game. Reach the end of the game, and we are sure that you will feel smarter and even teach your friends the latest words you learned or even the full sentences. Have fun!


How to play?

Use the MOUSE to help Abby Hatcher to place the words on the train.

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