Yes That Dress

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What is Yes That Dress?

Yes That Dress
Have you ever wanted to decorate dresses? This the perfect game for that! This is a 3D game where you are a stylist and you have to decorate dresses for guests using multiple tools at your disposal. At first, you don't have many of the decorations available and you'll have to unlock them as you progress through the game. At first, you only have a limited amount of tools to decorate the dress. First, you will have to choose which basket to dip the dress in to color it, second, you'll have to spray paint the parts you want to have a different color, and lastly the texture of the dress. Make sure you pay attention to the guest's preferences to gain their satisfaction and earn more money.

With the money, you earn you can upgrade your salon to add more furniture and new carpets. There are many furniture and carpets available in the game such as the heart shaped carpet, hanger, mirror, and different changing rooms. Each of these items has levels, higher-level meaning higher quality, prettier furniture. There are many types of dresses that your guests may prefer, it is important to choose the right one to earn their satisfaction. There are also many colors available ranging from blue, red, green, yellow, and their respective shades. There are also many different textures available that you may like such as diamonds, donuts, stars, ponies, and many more!

Are you ready to be a stylist? Let's find out!

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How to play?

Use your mouse or finger to interact with the game.