Among Us: Surprise Egg

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What is Among Us: Surprise Egg?

Among Us: Surprise Egg
Say Cheese! Is the motto of this game. In this game, you have to open surprise eggs. In this game, you will have to open surprise eggs that contain Among Us characters! Each surprise egg has a capsule in it that contains a lot of different Among Us characters with or without decorations. Each egg you open contains a different Among Us character, you can see all of the available collectible characters by looking at the collection. This game's main theme is Among Us which is a game where the crewmates have to finish the tasks to win or eliminate all impostors, impostors have to eliminate every crewmate present on the ship to win.

Out of the many available Among Us collectible toys available by opening the eggs are Red crewmate with horns, Santa hat, construction helmet or plain red cremate without any decorations. There is also the Blue crewmate that comes in simple or with a police cap, the cyan crewmate with egg hat, the light green crewmate with a paper boat hat, or the purple crewmate and its many variations like the captain hat or the alien cap. Each character when pressed gives its own interesting sounds. The game takes place in a canyon at night when the night sky is visible that has a lot of beautiful stars on it.

Are you ready to open surprise eggs? Let's go!


How to play?

Use left click or your finger to interact with the game.

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