Dr. Panda Airport

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What is Dr. Panda Airport?

Dr. Panda Airport
Help the animals get through the airport! Help the elephant, the cow, the raccoon, the polar bear, the monkey, and the hippopotamus get through the airport! First, you must help them get through the airport checkpoint, you must stamp their passports accordingly, each animal having a different stamp, according to their pawprint. You must also help them with collecting the correct type of baggage that is rolling on the treadmill.
Next, you must help them get checked, put their bag on the treadmill to check their individual bags, and also remove items that were picked up by the metal detector. Oh no, some items got lost! You must help the animal to get their items back at the “Lost and Found” office, you must search for their items scattered around in a room full of other people’s items. You may also help the animals get to their correct airplane exit by looking at the numbers or letters.
You may also help the airline personnel in various things, like helping them get the bags in the airplane, helping them wash the airplane, and also helping them route the airplanes to their correct runways, the red, green, blue airplanes to their corresponding color and also the helicopters to the helipad! After you complete a task for the airline personnel, the pandas, you also give them a high five!
Are you ready to manage the airport? Let’s find out!

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How to play?

Use the mouse or the touchscreen.