Dr Panda Daycare

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What is Dr Panda Daycare ?

Dr Panda Daycare
Here we have a new game from the Dr. Panda series. Help parents organize a day when their children feel good even without parents. Make them a surprise party or whatever you want.

Help the parents of the animals to relax for a day. They will leave their children with you to have fun with them. Organize a surprise party for them and make them feel good so that they don't miss their parents. Parents will come to leave their children in the first room. Receive them properly, and then have all 5 of them play together to get to know each other better. Later, in the second room of the house, serve them food and cook what they like best.
Then go to the backyard together to play. There they will have a swimming pool, a slide, a huge lawn to play as they want. After so much fun, asleep would work, right? Until their parents return to take them home, take the children to get some sleep.

We hope you enjoy the game and wish you much success in caring for children. Have a lot of fun.

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How to play?

Click on the items to interact with them. Drag and drop items onto the characters.