Dr Panda Farm

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What is Dr Panda Farm?

Dr Panda Farm
As you can see from the many Dr Panda Games online we bring you here all the time, this character can do almost anything he puts his mind to, which is the reason why right at this moment you get the opportunity to play the game called Dr Panda Farm, where he and the cute animals in his care are setting up a farm in the countryside where they will grow crops, fruits, and vegetables, both to have for themselves, and as a business.

Creating your own farm is not an easy thing, that's for sure, which is why Panda hopes that you will now play this game and help him create the farm and run it properly, something that we will tell you more about right here and now since the chances are very high you're not a farmer in real life.

There are various buildings and patches of land around the farm, each with its own purpose. In one place you will bake bread, in another one you will feed chickens, you will harvest cereal and vegetables, or take care of other animals such as cows. You will collect honey as well, or even harvest fruit, all essential activities to a farm.

Follow the on-screen instructions you receive from Panda and make them a reality by using the mouse to do everything, and we're sure you won't have problems, but actually enjoy being a virtual farmer like only with our games you can!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.