Dr Panda Airport

Dr Panda Airport

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Dr Panda Airport
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Dr Panda Airport Overview

It's time to travel, kids! Dr Panda Airport has 10 mini games for you.

This game is perfect for kids. It is super easy and very fun.You meet a lot of animals like zebra, panda, cow, elephant or raccoon.

In this game you will need to check identity and stamp passports at the customs office and you learn how an airport works. First time, you need to check and stamp the passports at customs office to make you sure about the validity of their documents.Another step is to make the security check for all  passangers to help planes take off safely.In this step you  need to scan all the passagers to be sure none of the animals have weapons, bomb or drugs.

Another step is to help animals to find at the ”Lost objects” what their look (wallet, tooth paste, airplane ticket, bags, fruits, sunglasses etc.)

Then, you have to put the luggages in the right order, and then put in the right planes and you need to bring the objects for all animals. Before take off, you need to solve a mini quizz, to find the luggages for the passangers.After landing, all the passangers wait for their luggages. In this step you will need to be very fast for customers.Bring the luggages to passangers very fast and they leave very happy.Help the animals to call their friends after landing.


How to play?

Click on the objects to interact with them.

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