Rotated Cups

Rotated Cups

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Rotated Cups
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Rotated Cups Overview


In this arcade game, you must get the ball into the correct cup! In order to do so, you must rotate the cups that are above the goal cup to move the ball between the cups. When you rotate the cups, you can make the ball fall out of the cup and fall into the next one, you must do this after each cup until you hit your designated cup. You may also find platforms, platforms can be useful to you, sometimes if you just drop the ball onto them from the cup they will just roll into it.

You may also find that you have 2 balls that you must place into the goal, you have to be extra careful as to not drop one or both of the balls outside of the level. There are also 2 types of goal cups in the game, the small one that only fits one ball at a time and the big one that fits 2 balls at a time, on levels that contain 2 balls you may get one big cup or 2 small cups for your goal. All the cups with the exception of the goal cup, rotate at the same time if you swipe on the screen.

But the platforms can also become an obstacle, sometimes they are placed that your ball falls outside of the level, sometimes you may also have to time your rotations correctly because once the ball is on the platforms, it will continuously move downwards. The cups also have an edge, this edge can trip you up as the ball can fall either into the cup or fall outside which can make you fail the level. The cups also bounce the balls if the balls hit their side.

Are you ready to sort the ball? Play to find out!

How to play?

Use the mouse or the touchscreen.

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