Hidden Investigation: Who did it?

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What is Hidden Investigation: Who did it??

Hidden Investigation: Who did it?
You are an investigator called Agent Sarah and you must solve the case! You arrive at the scene of the criminal case and you must find the items that are outlined in black on the scene. Once you find an item it will disappear and the next item you'll need to find will show up. Each time you investigate a location, you will get stars. These stars can be used to move on to another location. Each level can give you 5 stars maximum. You start your journey in Lacy's Yard where a crime happened.

After you found a trail in Lacy's Yard, you move onto the next location, the park. All locations contain a lot of items that are needed to complete the levels, at first you'll have to find the items written down in words at the bottom of the screen. Later you get a black outline to help you find the item you are looking for. Certain items such as the trail and the ID card are clues that unlock the next location. Each item you find will donate to your score while clicking on an item that doesn't need to be found will lose you some score points.

You've also got 2 powerups. The first one, the magnet, can attract items that you need to find if your mouse pointer gets closer to it. The second item, the magnifying glass, will tell you where an item you need to find is. These powerups need time to recharge so use them wisely! Time to show your investigative skills!

How to play?

Use the mouse to click on items.

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