Disney Bubble Burst

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What is Disney Bubble Burst?

Disney Bubble Burst
Disney Bubble Burst is the newest ability game with bubble where you will have to meet three different characters inspired by our favorite cartoons: Disney's Zombies, Mickey Mouse, or DuckTales.  The game is pretty easy, you will have to pass all these six different levels to finish the game:
  • World tour
  • Bill's Garden
  • Duckburg
  • Hot Dog Hills
  • The Barn
  • The money Bin
  • Auradon Prep
  • Zombietown
  • Isle of the lost
  • Wolf Den
Each level has a different activity, but your main goal is to connect a minimum of three bubbles colored the same, identical. If you look up, you will see that you have a limited number of moves, you will have to complete and your goal to win. If you get more than three bubbles once, you will get extra points; depending about many bubbles you will be able to crush once, you can increase your bonus from the end of the game.  Each level has a different character from Disney Channel, that's why you have to meet all of them to be able to finish the entire game.

How you can get extra points?
Sometimes you will be able to crush a lot of bubbles once using your super bomb, which is multicolored, so don't forget to use that bomb just when you have a lot of bubbles near you.

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How to play?

use the mouse to crush all these colored bubbles.