Teen Titans GOAL

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Teen Titans GOAL
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What is Teen Titans GOAL?

Teen Titans GOAL
One of the sports that the Teen Titans love to play the most is without a doubt that of soccer, and since there are so many soccer fans all over the world who also love this sport a bunch, we would not at all be surprised if Teen Titans GOAL becomes one of the most-played new Teen Titans Go Games online of our website!

How to play football with Teen Titans online

In this game, you get to play soccer with all the characters in this team of DC superheroes, but you will start off with Raven, and if you get enough points you will be able to unlock the other characters as well. This is not a free kicks game and even one where you play football on a pitch, since you will play football strolling through the park with the character.

As the ball approaches your character, be ready to tap on the screen when it gets into the shadow, because when it matches it, that is the right time to kick the ball, and your character will do that if you click the mouse or tap on the screen. For every correct kick you earn points in return, so aim for a big score!

Still, remember to be careful, because if you miss too many times in a row, you are going to lose the game and have to start from scratch. Good luck, and don't forget to play more Cartoon Network football games on our website!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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