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Rocket Punch 2

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Rocket Punch 2
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Rocket Punch 2 Overview


After seeing how well received the first Rocket Punch Game online was, we're not at all surprised that the creators of it worked very hard and very fast to put a sequel out, with lots of new fun levels for all those who finished all the ones in the original, and we are sure that even those of you who are new to the series will enjoy it plenty, so playing Rocket Punch 2 right now for free should be your priority!

Draw, shoot, punch!

The goal you have is very simple, as in each level, to complete it, you have to hit the targets with your punches, which are going to be attached to rockets. With the mouse you draw a path for the rocket punch to take, so fly the rocket punch until it hits the targets, and the level will be cleared.

You start with only one target, but there can be more stickmen in further levels for you to take down, and there will also be obstacles between you and them, as well as various traps, so you have to find the best way to get past of them, so draw the quickest and best path.

Draw and aim for excellence!

This is also important because you have a limited number of punches you can throw per level, usually three, and if you waste them without completing the level, you have to start it again.

The quicker you finish a level, the more stars you get at the end of a level, so we hope you are going to aim for three out of three, each time! Good luck, enjoy, and have fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse to draw the paths for the rocket punches!

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