Ben 10 Rescue

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What is Ben 10 Rescue?

Ben 10 Rescue

The new rescue game format has become more and more popular on the internet, and we're sure that you want to play as many of these puzzle games with pins as possible, especially if they bring something new to the table, such as new characters to rescue, which is clearly going to be the case right now and here with the game called Ben 10 Rescue!

Save Ben 10 help him get the treasure!

In each level, your main goal will be to get the treasure to fall on top of Ben, but make sure that the red water does not, because that means certain death, and you need to be careful about any other kinds of dangerous items that will appear.

You can get rid of the red water by pouring blue water on it, which turns it into rocks, which are then safe. With the mouse, you pull the pins, and the order in which you do it is very important.

If you pull the pins correctly so that Ben 10 avoids all the traps, and also gets the treasure, you clear the level and advance to the next one, where a brand new puzzle like this awaits you.

No matter how complicated the puzzles might get, we're sure that with enough concentration you will clear all of them, and have fun with Ben Ten like never before!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.