Titans Return

Titans Return

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Titans Return
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Titans Return Overview


After seeing how much you love it when we bring over new Transformers Games online, our team has prepared more of them right now, with us being very happy to invite you to play the game called Titans Return, a heavy-action game you are guaranteed to love a whole lot from start to finish, just like our team has had!

Help the Titans defend their alien home!

Start off by choosing an Autobot transformer, after which you also select a Titan master, and the two kinds of robots are going to combine together to create a new giant Transformer that you have to control in order to protect their planet.

Missiles are going to rain from the sky, and you have to use the mouse to shoot back at them with your gun, preventing too many of them to hit the ground, because if that happens, you lose.

Some missiles that you hit leave Energon cubes behind, so collect them, since that is how you get more firepower for your gun. The more missiles you shoot down, the bigger your score becomes as well.

Good luck to you, we wish you the best, and we invite you to check out other games with Transformers we've brought you here over the years, they are worth playing too!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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