All That Presents Employee of the Month

All That Presents Employee of the Month

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All That Presents Employee of the Month
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All That Presents Employee of the Month Overview


All That is an old-school sketch show for and by teenagers that has aired a long time ago on Nickelodeon, and now we've got a reboot series of the original, one that has caught on very well with viewers, and now we're delighted to offer you All That Games online to play as well because you might have wanted to interact with the cast yourself!

Work hard to be the best employee at the food joint!

You will work at a restaurant as the character called Ed, and, for starters, you will help him pick his uniform, since they are required, and picking a stylish one will help him feel better at the job. This game is divided into multiple mini-games, which are also tasks that you have to perform at your job, making them more fun if you treat them as games!

For example, you will have to throw food at your clients, who will get their orders in quite an unusual way, or you will play a sorting game where you drop ingredients on top of one another in order to create full lines of them which are then eliminated, and in return you get points.

Of course, this is just a drop in the bucket of fun this game presents, so make sure to continue playing it to discover all the other fun mini-games it has in store for you!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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