Barbie Pajama Party

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What is Barbie Pajama Party?

Barbie Pajama Party

One category of games for girls from our website that is guaranteed to never go out of style is definitely the Barbie Games one, where right now we're glad to have returned, and, of course, we're not doing it empty-handed, but with the new and awesome game called Barbie Pajama Party, a must-play game if you want to remember how it was to throw pajama parties with the girls!

Make sure that Barbie is as stylish as ever, even in pajamas!

In the first stage of the game, you do some makeup preparations. Apply cream on her cheeks, some around her eyes and mouth, spray her face to clean it up, and then dry it off with a towel.

For the game's dress-up stage you will first pick a hairstyle, pick the pajamas you find to be the cutest, and you will then be able to also pick a cover for the eyes, as well as comfy house slippers.

Now that you've seen how fun this game is, nothing should hold you back from playing it right now, having fun with it yourself, and we hope that you stick around and keep the fun going as only with our games is possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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