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Regular Agents

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Regular Agents
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Regular Agents Overview


Mordecai and Rigby games in 2 players have always been some of the most popular ones added in the Regular Show Games series, and the main reason for that is because in the show the two characters are always teaming up and working together to get out of any situation, and 2P games recreate that experience, with each of the two real players controlling one of the two characters.

Well, that is the kind of experience we invite you to have right now with Regular Agents, where the two characters have become a pair of secret agents who have to infiltrate enemy territory, so let's see how you can get involved!

Help Mordecai and Rigby be the next best spies!

You control one of the characters using the W, A, S, D keys and R, and for the other character, you use the arrow keys and O key, simple as that. Reach the door at the end of each level, going through the platforms and making sure not to fall into pits, puddles of water, or any other kinds of traps, because if even one of you dies, you lose.

Before reaching the door at the end of the level, also make sure to collect all the eggs along the path and increase your score. Each new level has a bigger challenge for you, but we're sure you will give it your best and succeed!

How to play?

  • P1: W, A, S, D + R.
  • P2: arrows + O.

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