Friday Night Funkin vs Omega

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What is Friday Night Funkin vs Omega?

Friday Night Funkin vs Omega

Omega is one of the most skilled assassins in the whole world, and of time as well, since he is an assassin that can travel through time, and he has now been contracted by Daddy Dearest to take out Boyfriend, so after BF and GF fell into a portal and ended up in a new time, there was nothing left to do than BF and Omega to battle it out in a rhythm duel!

This is one of the FNF mods of the highest quality we've ever had, with great animation, cutscenes, sprites, and it features no less than fifteen amazing original songs. Yes, because in addition to the twelve original songs, we've also got three custom ones for Omega Week:

  • Merecenary
  • Odd Job
  • Guardian

Help BF defeat the time-traveling assassin, Omega!

You can choose to confront this character in either the story mode or the free play mode, it's up to you, and your goal remains the same, which is to reach the end of the songs and play the notes so well that the progress bar turns in your favor.

When arrow symbols match above BF, make sure to press the same arrow keys on the keyboard to hit those notes, but be careful not to miss too many times, or you lose the whole game. Good luck!

  • Programming by ninjamuffin99
  • Art by PhantomArcade 3K and Evilsk8r
  • Music by Kawai Sprite
Mod developed by:
  • Echolocated: CoDirector, Charter, Musician, Artist: Dumb Whore Bat: Kept us in line, most cutscene images, Demetrios and Noke’s sprites, polished music, Funkin’ with Time, Dishonor, Prelude, Salem. Charted 2v200 with Fogu, Dishonor and Salem
  • Nicky: Nicky: Artist: Nicky Mod Soon: Salem Spooky Kids, Flashy BF, Kapi, Merchant, BF dying animation/Last Stand blueball
  • EPTA: Epta: Artist: WHY IS IT SO BIG: Backgrounds for Noke, Anders, Salem, Omega, Demetrios
  • Bepixel: Artist: Child Creator: Omega and Mika sprites, lots of funny in files
  • NEBULA: Programmer: Stupid Cocksleeve Zorua: Created Andromeda Engine and all of the programming. Also week 6’s notes.
  • lizzy: Assistant Programmer, Neb’s Support System: Coded installer for Times & Tribulations, helped keep us sane, gave a lot of input and support in various areas all around.
  • Star: Artist: Certified Kapi Lover: Did the cutscene sketches
  • JustAMation: Artist: : Created all the concepts for reskins
  • RAVVY: Artist: Professional Merchant Simp: Created Merchant and Flexy, Flexy’s sprites, and the backgrounds for Week 5, Flexy and Merchant.
  • TOST: Artist: Epic: Omega’s Sword BF, Cold Heart BF, all reskins besides week 2 and 6
  • Ceramic: Director, Musician, Artist: Self-proclaimed Workaholic: Created Omega, organized everything, nearly every health icon, kept us all in line, made most of the songs, King sprites, and all menu assets.
  • Foliage: Artist!: Funsized Vase and Brightside
  • FANATIC: Charter: Australian “Person”: Charted most songs in the mod.
  • Fogu: Charter, Playtester, Week 6 UI: “Demetrios my beloved”: Charted most glitch, normal and easy difficulties. Also did the pixel ratings and pixel BF icons.
  • Jeronis: Musician: Made cutscene music
  • EAIL: Musician: Made cutscene music
  • lymph: Artist: “Deez what, sir?”: Week 3 background
  • Queer: Script Writer: Check out Static Memories!: Helped Ceramic with script writing
  • Naikaze: Playtester: Local VTuber: Promoted the mod ‘n’ helped us playtest.
  • Original Mod

This is an open-source game, and you can support the developers here.

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How to play?

Use the arrow keys.