Marie Prepares To Become A Mommy

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What is Marie Prepares To Become A Mommy?

Marie Prepares To Become A Mommy

Being a mother is difficult, no one can question that, but so is preparing to be one, which is why future moms need as much help as present moms, so if you agree with us, you have to try out right now the game called Marie Prepares To Become A Mommy, which is more than a simple dress-up game, just like you are about to find out right now in this following part of the article!

See how you can help Marie prepare to be a mommy, and then start doing it!

For starters, help her pack up in a hidden objects level, where you will have to find items such as blankets, napkins, water, pacifiers, nappies, baby bottles, and more. Simply click on them when you have discovered them in the room, simple as that.

For the makeup part that comes next, you will apply blush, lipstick, eye-liner, eye-shadow, and more, and you've got plenty of colors to pick from so that you can choose the ones you like most.

In the dress-up stage that follows you will pick a hairstyle, you will choose the pregnant-ready dress you think looks best, pair it with the perfect shoes, and you can accessorize with bags, glasses, tiaras, and more.

The game offers this much fun, as you can see, so do not miss out on it for anything in the world, since it would be a real shame!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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