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What is RPS Exclusive?

RPS Exclusive

Trust us when we say that playing rock-paper-scissors online is just as fun as it is to play it in real life, even more so if the newest such game on our website, called RPS Exclusive, is also one of our newest 2 player games, which means that you get to play RPS online, but together with a friend.

Of course, if that is not possible at the moment, you can easily compete against the computer, and for both instances we will give you more info right now, to make sure you can easily play and enjoy the game!

Player Rock-Paper-Scissors Online in 2 Players right now and here!

From the main menu, you pick if you want to play against the computer which is the P1 Vs GPU mode, or if you want to battle a real player next to you, using the same computer, which is when you choose the P1 VS P2 mode.

You both need to learn your controls, so let us teach them to you. The first key is for P1, while the second key is for P2:

  • Rock: A / Left Arrow
  • Paper: S / Down Arrow
  • Scissors: D / Right Arrow

Each player makes their choice, and when they've done so, the fists will shake three times after which you see what they've picked, and if you win, you deplete the health bar of the opponent. The first one to lose their whole health bar loses the whole game, simple as that. Good luck, and have fun, by yourself or with someone else!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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