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Thumb Fighter

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Thumb Fighter
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Thumb Fighter Overview


Thumb Fighter is a must-play 2-player fighting game! Why? Well, it's not the regular type, since you fight with thumbs. Thumb fighting is a children's classic, and now you can do it online! Whether you fight against the CPU or against another real player, fun is guaranteed!

Become the best Thumb Fighter online!

These are not the thumbs you and I have. No, these all have personalities, and their own design, so pick the avatar you want to have:

  • Boss, Mark, Soldier, Fishy, Finger, Dracula
  • Frank, Topsy, Jack, Tattoo, Granny
  • Beanie, Hulk, Jasper, Yoko, Ragnar
  • Techno, Ester, Queen, Martha, Carmen, Barney

The two players clench their hands together and fight with their thumb. Press with your thumb over the opponent, and make them stay down as long as possible. While they're done, you deplete their health bar. They will attempt to do the same. The first one to lose their health bar loses.

A player wins the match by winning three rounds first. Figure out the best timing, and move fast to press the enemy's thumb. Try to make tricks if possible, to get the upper hand. Well, upper thumb!

Easy controls even for two players!

If playing solo, against the computer, use the mouse to tap when you want to push with your thumb. In case you are playing 2P, one player uses W, and the other one uses the Up arrow.

Now we wish you both the best, and invite you to check out more games for 2 players here, and keep having fun together!

How to play?

Use the mouse in 1P, and Up/W in 2P.

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