Alvin Hoverboarding

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What is Alvin Hoverboarding?

Alvin Hoverboarding

We know that kids are always really excited to play the new Alvin and the Chipmunks Games online on our website, so for that very reason right now we are glad to have brought along for you the game called Alvin Hoverboarding, which is an endless adventure game heavily inspired by Subway Surfers Games, but if you're not familiar with that format, worry not, since we teach you everything you need to know right now and here!

Join Alvin on an incredible obstacle course with a hoverboard!

Alvin will hoverboard forward on the course automatically, and you have to use the arrow keys to direct him on the track because there are multiple obstacles that he has to avoid. You can either switch lanes with the right and left arrow keys, jump over the obstacles with the up arrow, or slide underneath them with the down arrow.

Doing this you should aim to advance forward for a distance as big as possible, but you should also try collecting lots of coins along the way if you want to increase your score even more than that!

Those are the simple rules of the game, so give it a try right now, because only by playing it yourself can you see it is as awesome as we said it is!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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