Dragons Cliff Climbing

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What is Dragons Cliff Climbing?

Dragons Cliff Climbing

It's really delightful that today on our website we get the chance to return to the Dreamworks Dragons Games category, a place where new games had not been added in quite a while, which means that you are in for a brand new experience, one that we hope you will love just as much as we did, maybe even more!

Explore the cliffs together with Hiccup!

This game has the gameplay of a platform-adventure game with jumping and collecting, so if you're new to this kind of game, you would want to read this article to the end before starting, believe us on that!

Hiccup runs forward on the course by himself, and you will use the mouse to make him jump over obstacles, get from one cliff to another and go higher, as well as jump over the pits on the road.

As you advance through the course, you should also give it your best to grab as many coins along the way as possible, since the more coins you get, the bigger your score becomes, and you want a big one, right?

Those are the basics you needed to know about the game, so we really hope to see you start it right now, and enjoy it like only on our website is possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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