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Just Words

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Just Words
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Just Words Overview


Games with words are always a welcome surprise for all the people visiting our website, which is why we are very happy that right at this moment we could share with you the game called Just Words, which is also one of the best new educational ones added into the MSN Games category, our recent hit page!

Use tiles to create words and win the game!

In your hand, you get different tiles featuring a letter on each of them, and you can drag them directly onto the board or use the assembly area to create words with them.

You have a valid word once the area lights up, and then the word can be placed. The goal you have is to place as many words as possible until you have filled the whole board with words that connect with one another, and no letter is extra.

If you have a way with words and letters, we are sure that you will be able to create some really interesting pairings, and you will love the challenges, no matter how difficult they might get.

Make more words faster than your real-life opponent to become the winner! It's that simple, so start the game right now, and we hope that you stick around for even more fun to come!

Just Words - Online Game is a word game that involves creating words using a set of letter tiles. Winning at word games often requires a combination of vocabulary, strategy, and creativity. Here are some tips and tricks to improve your performance in "Just Words":

  1. Start with Common Prefixes and Suffixes:

    • Look for prefixes and suffixes to add to existing words. Common ones include "un-", "re-", "-ing", and "-ed."
  2. Build on Existing Words:

    • Expand existing words on the board by adding letters to create longer words. This is an efficient way to score points and control the board.
  3. Use High-Value Letters Wisely:

    • Letters like Q, Z, X, and J are high-scoring, so try to use them strategically for maximum points. Combine them with double or triple letter/word score tiles.
  4. Learn Two-Letter Words:

    • Memorize a list of valid two-letter words. These can be very useful for connecting tiles and creating opportunities for longer words.
  5. Be Aware of Double and Triple Letter/Word Scores:

    • Plan your moves to take advantage of double and triple letter/word score tiles on the board. Placing high-value letters on these tiles can significantly boost your score.
  6. Balance Defense and Offense:

    • While scoring points is important, also consider blocking your opponent's potential moves. Place tiles strategically to limit their options and control the board.
  7. Stay Flexible:

    • Be adaptable and willing to change your strategy based on the tiles available. Look for opportunities to connect multiple words in a single turn.
  8. Rack Management:

    • Exchange tiles when necessary to get a better mix of letters. A well-balanced rack increases your chances of creating high-scoring words.
  9. Know the Rules:

    • Familiarize yourself with the rules of "Just Words." Understanding how the game works, including valid words and scoring, will give you an edge.
  10. Practice Regularly:

    • Like any game, practice improves performance. Regularly playing "Just Words" will enhance your vocabulary and strategic skills.
  11. Observe Opponent's Style:

    • Pay attention to your opponent's playing style. If they favor long words, consider blocking the board or creating parallel words to limit their options.
  12. Challenge and Learn:

    • Don't hesitate to challenge your opponent's words if you think they are invalid. It's a good way to learn new words and potentially gain an advantage.

Remember that "Just Words" is not just about creating long words; it's also about strategy and controlling the game board. Tailor your approach based on the specific situation, and enjoy the process of improving your skills over time.

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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