Cooking Fast 4: Steak

Cooking Fast 4: Steak

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Cooking Fast 4: Steak
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Cooking Fast 4: Steak Overview


Cooking Fast Games online is really awesome, because, as the title suggests, they teach you how to make some really delicious dishes as fast as possible, since sometimes you are in a hurry to eat, and today we present you all the fourth game in the series, where you learn how to cook some steaks, definitely a dish that most people in the world love!

Let's cook some steaks, fast, steady, and make them delicious!

Why do you have to make the steaks fast? Well, because you're working at a restaurant that has clients coming one after another, so you have to serve them in time because if they wait too much for their food, you lose them as clients, and, losing too many clients means losing the game.

You will do this for a total of 35 levels, each representing a day of work at the steakhouse. There is a goal of coins you need to earn from serving steaks, and you have a limited amount of time to do it in.

After you are shown how they want their steaks done, as well as what side dishes they want, use the ingredients and kitchenware in front of you to cook it properly, put it on the plate with everything they want, and finish the order.

Move fast, cook well, and have fun becoming the best steakhouse in town!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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