Cooking Fast: Donuts

Cooking Fast: Donuts

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Cooking Fast: Donuts
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Cooking Fast: Donuts Overview


We've already seen how much you are enjoying the Cooking Fast Games online that we keep bringing you on our website since they put an interesting spin to the entries you usually find in this category, and for each game, you have a different dish to cook and serve, because the best way to have an establishment where you cook food fast is by having a limited menu, and today we are making donuts!

Show us how fast can you cook the donuts!

In front of you, there will be the mini-kitchen you need to use, where you will make the donuts out of dough, bake them properly, add creams such as chocolate, vanilla, ice-cream, and more, and you will also be able to use various toppings such as fruit, cocoa, sprinkles, glazing, and more.

Customers come and show you what kind of donut they want, and sometimes they want a little side-dish too, so prepare them their order properly in good time, serve it to them, and get cash in return. Before the day ends, serve as many people as possible in order to get to the next level, where you get even more hurried customers, but you will also have become better at cooking fast.

It's really that simple and fun, so starting the game right now is definitely something we encourage you to do, and we hope that you don't stop here, since there are plenty more awesome games to come today and every day here for you all!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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