Cooking Fast Hotdogs And Burgers Craze

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What is Cooking Fast Hotdogs And Burgers Craze?

Cooking Fast Hotdogs And Burgers Craze

When you work at a fast-food joint where they sell the best hotdogs and burgers, you would imagine that there would be lots of customers waiting for their order, and you need to work fast in order to get all of them their awaited food, and this is the kind of experience you will be able to have right now and here with the game called Cooking Fast Hotdogs And Burgers Craze, one of the most awesome new cooking games online of our website!

Cook the fast food as fast as possible, while still being really tasty!

Customers will come over to the counter and show you how they want their hotdog or burger made, and then you will have to cook it correctly according to the recipe that they wanted.

To do so, you will have all the ingredients you need, such as buns, hotdogs, burger meat, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, sauces, and anything else, right in front of you, in addition to a fully-equipped kitchen.

Tap on the ingredients and the equipment just like you are shown, all in the correct order, make the food, and then hand it over to the customer in fast enough time, because if you waste too much of it, they leave.

The more customers you make happy with your food, the more money you earn in return, and we definitely hope that you are going to make lots of money! Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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