Silent Insanity P.T. - Psychological Trauma

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What is Silent Insanity P.T. - Psychological Trauma?

Silent Insanity P.T. - Psychological Trauma

We know how much the visitors of our website love playing and having fun with horror survival games online, especially if they are high-quality, are rendered in 3d, and have tons of monsters for you to shoot and kill as you try to survive, which is what we offer you right now in the form of the game known as Silent Insanity P.T. - Psychological Trauma!

Survive the horde of silent monsters without being too traumatized!

For starters, learn how to control the avatar you become, which, of course, will be in first-person. Use the W, A, S, D keys to move around, the mouse to aim and shoot, as well as just look around, mouse wheel to change weapons, R to reload, G for throwing grenades, F to pick up items, shift to run, space to jump, CTRL to crouch, X to prone, V for melee.

In each level, you are thrown in a scary location, where you have to go around, find weapons, and then use them to defeat all the monsters, ghosts, demons, and other scary things thrown in your way, without losing your health points, which go up to 100 because if they come down to zero, you will have lost.

Good luck to you, we wish you the best, and hope to see more of you around today and every day since this is the home to the best online games on the internet!

How to play?

Use the W, A, S, D keys, spacebar, shift and CTRL keys, mouse, and the F, G, M, X, V keys.

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