My Winter Kawaii Look

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What is My Winter Kawaii Look?

My Winter Kawaii Look

The Kawaii Look for Winter is the perfect choice for fashion-forward girls all over the world, so why don't we help the princesses achieve that style as well as possible, and rock it all through the winter holidays!

Let's find your Winter Kawaii Look!

Begin by doing the makeup for each girl, first, a stage in which you will use lipstick, blush, brushes for the eyelashes, eye-shadow, and you can even pick various piercings, which are very popular in this culture or do some work on the eyebrows.

You then move to dress-up, where you can mix and match tops, bottoms, jackets, leggings, and other pieces of clothing, you can choose a hairstyle, and accessorize with jewelry, bags, purses, glasses, or hats!

Let the fun begin right now, and don't hesitate even for a second to invite as many of your friends over for fun as possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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