Sand Sort Puzzle

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What is Sand Sort Puzzle?

Sand Sort Puzzle

Sand Sort Puzzle is a game added right now knowing that logic puzzle games with sorting have always been received very well by the visitors of our website, which is why whenever there is an awesome and mobile-friendly one out there, we share it with you immediately, just like we've done right now!

Let's sort the sand to solve the puzzle!

In front of you, there will be multiple glass containers with sand, and that sand can come in various colors. The goal you have is simple, which is to make sure that the glass jars only have sand of one color.

Click on the jar you want to pour out of and then the one you want to fill with that sand, and you will usually have one extra jar that is empty that you can use as a go in-between.

The more complicated level you clear, the more coins you earn in return at their end, and we are sure that no matter how difficult the puzzles might get, you will lose them if you focus hard enough. Good luck, all the best we want to wish you!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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