Satisfying Slime Simulator

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What is Satisfying Slime Simulator?

Satisfying Slime Simulator

Satisfying Slime Simulator is a game that manages to combine pop it games with slime games online, the perfect combination for the so many fidget toys online fans we have here, who are always down for these friv games where they can relax and spend time doing something but nothing at the same time!

Try the best Satisfying Slime Simulator on the internet, right now!

There are two things for you to do in this game:

  • Make Slime: choose the type you want (clear, fluffy, milky, or classic), add all the ingredients and stir them around, choose your colors, blend them, and throw in things such as hearts, gems, balls, and more.
  • Enjoy the Slime: here you use the mouse to control your finger and put it inside the slime, moving it around and playing with it, which is a great feeling even if it is virtual.

The fun is just one click away, so give it a chance, enjoy virtual slime just like you do with real one, and don't hesitate to invite as many of your friends over as you can!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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