Hurdles Heroes

Hurdles Heroes

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Hurdles Heroes
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Hurdles Heroes Overview


Hurdles Heroes is currently one of our best sports games in 2 players from our website, and this is not at all surprising, since sports as competitions have always been more enjoyable because of the contest aspect, and in this game, two players can race one another on a track course with hurdles that they have to jump over, just like with Olympic competitions.

Become Hurdles Heroes and see who is the best!

From the main menu, you make the choice between the 1P mode and the 2P mode, as well as the national team that you want to represent, with the costumes and avatars changing depending on that. You will take part in multiple races across all the seven continents of our planet, with each course having its own charm.

One player jumps with W, the other one with the UP arrow, and you have to jump at the moment when the runners are in the green spot. There is the good spot and the perfect spot, with the perfect one giving you the chance to get ahead of the other player if they can only hit the good spot or miss their hurdle jump.

We wish both of you good luck and all the best, and invite you to stick around all day long, since many more amazing games are yet to come, only for you!

How to play?

Use the Up arrow and W key.

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