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Heroes Legend

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Heroes Legend
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Heroes Legend Overview


Heroes Legend is a new 2 player co-op platform adventure game, one set in a fantasy world of knights, magic, orcs, and everything else you know and love from these settings, and the fact that you get to experience it with a friend or family member will make your time here even better! Let's explain what's to be done, so you can begin all the fun right now!

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Let's begin with the controls: for Player 1, use WASD to move and jump, F to hit and shoot, Q to switch weapons, while player 2 will use the ARROWS to move and jump, L to hit or shoot, U to switch weapons.

In each level, your goal is to advance forward to save the princesses, and you need to avoid the many obstacles, and traps you encounter, while also defeating enemies if you find them, without dying in the process, because if even one of you loses their life, both players are going to lose that level.

Defeat the orcs and jellies, reach the end of each level, and make sure to collect diamonds to increase your score, as well as potions that give you more health, or give you extra powers. It's as simple as that, so feel free and confident to begin, after which we've got even more great games to come!

How to play?

P1: WASD, F.


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