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Pubg Pixel
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Pubg Pixel Overview


Pubg Pixel represents an amazing mix and mash-up between two of the most popular things in gaming, meaning the pixelated and blocky world of Minecraft, with the amazing battle royale gameplay of PUBG Games and others, all of which you get in this edition, which we hope to see you try out right away!

Let's play PUBG online, now in Pixel!

There are five classes of soldier you can choose to become and then be sent out to the battlefield:

  • Soldier
  • Farmer
  • Salaryman
  • Police
  • Medic

On the map that is constantly shrinking in size, you have to go around, find weapons, and use them to shoot down the other players on the map, without getting shot and eliminating yourself. Give it your best to be the last player standing, and a champion!

Move with WASD, use the mouse to shoot, F to pick up objects, spacebar to jump. There's nothing more that you need to know, just enter the arena of action right now, and then keep playing other battle royale games online we have, they're always the best!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, mouse, F key, spacebar.

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