Yogi's Hungry

Yogi's Hungry

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Yogi's Hungry
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Yogi's Hungry Overview


Yogi's Hungry all the time, and when he enters that state, he can wreak havoc all around Jellystone, which is what we invite you to do in this new and exciting Cartoon Network game we are really happy to be sharing with you right now, which will be unlike anything else you've played in the category so far!

Help feed the Hungry Yogi of Jellystone!

Of course, the key to the game is feeding Yogi so he is no longer hungry, so through his run through the town help him grab food such as chicken wings, burgers, or the green icons, which will also increase your score, but make sure to avoid eating his animal friends because when he is that hungry, anything can be food. If he eats friends too many times, you lose.

If playing on the computer, use the arrow keys to move around through the town, if playing on a mobile platform, use the special touch controls. You only have three lives, and the town is made to look like a maze from Pac-Man Games, so this will be quite the interesting crossover that will help both new and older fans to have a great time!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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